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Botox Training Houston
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Botox Training Houston Houston, TX
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Choose Botox Training Houston Can Trust.. From The Industry Leader

Botox Training

Receive the top rated Botox training Houston has to offer, expand your practice and enhance your skills by learning injectables from Dr. Howard Katz, a world-renown leader in Botox whose name is on the product patent application. This Botox training Houston medical professionals can trust to be a complete solution to adding profitable aesthetics and therapeutics to their practice is more convenient than ever. Why not get this training here in Texas rather than flying off to New York or San Diego for it?

Being the originator of many of the most popular injectables techniques in use today, Dr. Katz is simply the best mind to learn fron. With a history that dates back to the beginning of the therapy for facial aesthetics, and other therapeutic uses, he’s the original Botox trainer (with an unparalleled 15 years experience) and remains a leading innovator in the field.

Get the Botox training you want and need in Houston – and learn about dermal fillers, new PRP therapy and other cosmetic and therapeutic injectibles – in hands-on comfort. Earn Botox certification in a single day and immediately incorporate that training into your treatment offerings. Dr. Katz and his team even teach you the marketing techniques you need to succeed.

The course is top-rated because it’s taught by the best instructor in the field. Much of Dr. Katz’s career has been dedicated to his research and innovation into Botox, dermal fillers and related PRP therapy. Allergan included his name on the patent application for all botulinum toxin products for a reason. And most Botox professionals administer the injections with protocols and technology that Dr. Katz created.

Additionally, Dr. Katz has established relationships with Medicis, Prollenium and other major pharmaceutical companies. He also frequently lectures for some of the biggest names in education including UCSD, NYU and NSU and at events including CDA and GNYDM. In fact, he has spoken at dental and medical schools across the U.S. and in South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Israel and around Europe.

When you choose to take Botox training in Houston, you’re choosing to learn from the best.

Dr Katz

Many other Botox training courses teach material developed and perfected by Dr. Katz. But it isn’t perfected to the level of this Botox training, which is improved through daily practice and research. Botox training in Houston from Dr. Katz is honed down to the most important and most effective content – the clinical pearls, he calls them – in an always-improving format. (You can always look up any small details about specific cases later.)

In addition to Botox for cosmetic or aesthetic use, this program also includes details on how simple injections can treat TMD, migraines, depression, excessive sweating and more. Plus, you will learn how to counteract most potential side effects quickly and with little expense – and you will be given a mini-course on marketing that will help you make money from what you learn.

Your Houston Botox training also includes a section on the exclusive DentoX LIFT technique for improving cheekbone aesthetics and improving the look of the jawline using injectibles. This 30-minute completely non-surgical technique is not taught anywhere else.

Dr Katz Botox Training

Even more remarkable than how much you learn is how quickly the course can make you a Botox expert. Everything you need to know is covered in a single day. While you may think that’s a bit too intense for you, take a look at some of the course reviews on this site. You’ll see that the pace makes sense for most who have taken the course in the past. The class sizes are capped to ensure individual attention and direct interaction with Dr. Katz.

In your short time taking this course in Houston, you’ll learn Botox injection, dermal filler injection and the new platelet-rich plasma therapy that uses a patient’s own blood to fill lines and aid in healing. Plus, you’ll be introduced to marketing techniques and more. It’s a lot to cover, but the pace is sensible and the rewards are large. Why not sign up now? Since class size is limited, spaces go quickly for this one-day course.


So much of this course’s success is driven by the unparalleled knowledge of Dr. Katz in injectables, who offers weekly live/online training courses as well as live patient programs across the country and abroad. That means he stays up on current research, teaching and treatment techniques, as well as finding the time to innovate new applications for these materials. His teaching style leaves the theory in the textbooks where it belongs and focuses on practical matters. While he’s in the room with you, you get maximum attention to practical details – exactly what you need to set up your successful Botox business in Houston.

The course also focuses directly on safety so that you can avoid the dangers of improperly administering Botox. The program includes a discussion of all FDA-approved products, including Xeomin, Dysport and Botox. Your education in these products include the legal and documentation requirements for Texas and other U.S. states as well.

Dr Katz Training

Remarkably, you can practice what you learn right away on live patients, helping you put your understanding of injectibles into practice. You’ll leave with complete confidence that you can do the injections because you will have had the opportunity to do the real thing with Dr. Katz right beside you. You’ll be equally well-versed with dermal fillers, which are often used as an alternative to some Botox treatments, as well as to address other aesthetics sites that cannot be treated with Botox. You will leave with the ability to use PRP in place of Dermal Fillers, to increase profit margins, negate the potential for allergic response, and have a leg up on the competition in being able to offer filler treatments to your patients without injecting a foreign substance.

For your peace of mind, your training also includes spotting minor and major errors to prevent potenital legal issues, negative reviews and increase patient satisfaction. Even better, you can correct these mistakes in many cases – and correct the mistakes of others. Because of your skill, you’ll soon be a recognized expert in these procedures, adding to the income-earning potential of your Botox training in Houston.

You may be particularly impressed with the marketing section of your training. Instead of teaching hard-sell techniques, Dr. Katz offers tips and advice on growing your business organically, leveraging psychological principles, as well as techniques gleaned from the most successful of his students practices. While maximizing your earnings from your current patients, you bring in more people who can benefit from your services, allowing you to expand your practice exponentially.


When you take the Botox training Houston medical professionals can trust from Dr. Katz, you get 10 hours of necessary Continuing Education credits plus access to hours of online training programs you can explore at your leisure – something that usually costs $1398 alone and that offers 8 additional credits. That means you can get 18 credits for the cost of a single one-day course and positively change your ability to make money from your medical or dental practice or medical spa. The extraordinarily high profit potential of injectables means that you can easily return the cost of this program wuth your first handful of patients.

We’re confident that this Botox training is the best available in Houston. But if you’re dissatisfied with everything you get, let us know while at the training and we’ll refund the whole cost. If you find the same training being offered at a lower cost within a month, we’ll give you back the difference. We insist on complete satisfaction.

So why not sign up now for cutting-edge Botox training from the world leader in this field? If it’s time to move forward with new skills and new money-making potential, it’s time for Botox training in Houston from Dr. Howard Katz. Space is limited – but your practice’s potential for expansion and your ability to make money from this training is unlimited.

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